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Air Conditioning for The Meads Medical Practice

18-Apr-2018 10:37

The Practice Manager Carol Cable at The Meads Medical Practice has asked to publish their letter to residents regarding installation of much needed air conditioning at the surgery, work beginning in May 2018 and due to be finished by the first week of June.

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"The Meads Medical Practice has been successful in its application to Swale Borough Council for the installation of air conditioning for the surgery.

Works will begin in May and will involve weekend working for a couple of weeks.  We very much value your support and patience during this time, and have asked the contractors to minimise the noise as much as possible.  They will not start work before 8.30am on Saturdays, or 10am on Sundays, to respect your peace and privacy.

We hope you will accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or disruption caused whilst works are underway.  This is very much a short-term pain for longer-term gain – many of you are our patients and will know how insufferable the heat can be.

We aim to be fully finished by first week of June.

Many thanks for your patience."

Thank you Carol for keeping residents updated, we are sure at that residents will appreciate the communication and also appreciate the air conditioning if the sun comes out this summer!